Lets sum this all up!

Okay, so this has been a short but very interesting journey. I never thought that blogging and looking at other peoples’ blogs could be so helpful. Researching into artists who are interested in the same things I am was a huge eye opener for me. Not that I have never researched artists models before, just that actually reading their blogs and looking at their processes was wonderful. Also, who knew blogging could be a form of self promotion! not me anyway. I used to think blogging was just a way to vent your ideas to the online world, and see if anyone had any views similar on the subject.

The business part of my research was the one I found most helpful. Thinking about having my own business, dealing with accounts, advertising, just all of the tedious stuff none of us really want to look at, was terrifying. But after doing my research into what you need to consider I feel a little bit better, still not overly confident about it, but I am now in the know!

Overall, I haven’t had a whole lot of blog activity, but that could be based on my lack of time I had to put into this blog. Working on a body of work, special topic, and a whole bunch of other small assignments, really seems to take up ones time. Looking at my stats I have 10 followers, an overall of 96 views, and only 1 comment from a fellow classmate ūüė¶ oh well! This blogging process has be a help all in itself.

Thanks for reading!



Self Promotion!

Self Promotion is a huge part in starting your own successful business. Getting your name and your work out there will be a key in finding your client base and making yourself known. Self promotion on the web can be done in many ways. Such as using social media websites, blogging, and advertising.

Researching into blogging has helped me realise what a helpful tool it can be. Before starting this blog I was skeptical as to how it would help me with my work and client base. I stumbled upon a few websites that look into using blogging as a self promotion tool which I found very helpful.

1. http://www.redlemonclub.com/traffic/6-easy-ways-of-using-writing-on-the-internet-to-promote-yourself/

This website focuses on how use the internet to self promote, and 6 things you can do. It mentions writing for other websites, starting a blog, writing articles, commenting on other peoples’ blogs etc. Reading into the starting a blog section was extremely helpful. It gives reasons as to why running a blog is a great thing to do for your business, and what aspects you should focus on. Links on blogs seem to be the best thing to do. Redirecting people to your Facebook or Website. So they can get a full idea of what work you do and how they can get in contact.

2. http://creativeboom.co.uk/tips/how-to-promote-yourself-online/

Creative Boom focuses on all aspects of online self promotion. The small section it has on blogging is very informative. It occurred to me that online self promotion is great tool if you have no budget for advertising and finding clients. Having a portfolio on your blog will increase the interest of people as they will be able to see your work immediately, which increases your chances of comments and feedback from people viewing your blog.

3. http://muddycolors.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/promoting-yourself-on-internet.html

I also thought this website was a great thing to look at for people starting up a blog and wanting to self promote using it. It gives you a run down of what you can do with your blog and why you should be doing it. People who are looking at your blog are generally interested in the same things you are, so they are probably also in the same field. Keeping it interesting and updated is a must. I had never thought about posting videos about my processes and sharing ideas with people on my blog, but after reading into it, I think it would be a great thing to start doing.

I hope all of this talk about self promotion has you all excited about your own blogs, and how great they can really be!

See you all next time!

Starting up your own photography business – Helpful Links


Okay! So starting your own business always seems terrifying and maybe even impossible, it does to me anyway. The thought of having to deal will all those numbers and managing money just doesn’t look too appealing. But while doing some research into how one might start up their own photography business, I found some sites that were really helpful for a young photographer.

Here we go!

1. http://www.business.govt.nz/starting-and-stopping/entering-a-business/starting-a-business

I found this website quite helpful because it highlights all of the solid legal foundations you will need to look at when starting your own business. It also helps you figure out what kind of business you are. i.e Sole, Partnership, or Company. It also helps your sort out your business name, as it could already be being used for someone else’s company. Overall this was a great website when looking into the gritty legal stuff that you know you will have to look at eventually.


Ohhh yes, work and income. The main place many of us would look at for business information. The Work and Income website goes over all things business orientated. Such as Cost, business plans, financial help, and how your income could be affected. The great thing about this is that it lets you know what you are getting yourself into!


Ok, so this website isnt really helpful when you’ve already decided to start your own business, but if you are on the fence, this is a great place to go. Its kind of a start your own business motivation website. It gives you all the pro’s of working for yourself. The thing i like most about it is how informal the writing is, its more like having a mate talk to you over a coffee than it is a website about starting your own business.

4. http://www.wix.com/blog/2011/10/beginners-checklist-before-starting-a-photography-business/

Number 4! This website also isn’t a “how to start your own business” site, its a checklist for a beginner business. It tell everything you need to have considered before getting started. Knowing what you need is imperative before you dig yourself a hole that you can’t get out of. It also gives you a layout of how to write a business plan which is great for us visual people who are not that adept at the academic side of things.

5. http://photographyspark.com/how-to-start-a-photography-business/

Last but not least! How to start a photography business. This site goes into depth of having business goals, finding out who your clients will be, and how to create a portfolio. Along with a whole lot of other things start up photography businesses should know and consider before getting started.

see you all next week!


Post #2

While researching into my Body of Work, and the way i am going to progress it, i found a few Photographers and their blogs!For my Body of work i am planning of using surrealism as a base for my photographs, i.e taking a photograph in the studio and manipulating it in photoshop, here are a few of the artists I found! A long time favourite artist of mine is Christian Martin Weiss, his amazing use of props and models has always astounded and inspired me. The things I like about his blog is his lack of text. He lets the images explain themselves, with nothing but a name of the model, and the title of the image. His blog layout is simple, with only a few headings at the top for his other works such as illustration and graphic design. Here is a screen shot of the blog and you see when you click into itImage and an example of one of his posts: Image And finally, a link –¬†http://christianmartinweiss.wordpress.com/

Another artist I found whilst browsing around the world wide web was Kalliope Amorphous. Her work is a very different compared to that of Christian Martin Weiss, she uses a lot of blur and still life within her images. I love her abstract way of looking at things, completely against the normal way of thinking and viewing the world. Her bog provides a lot of information about her, including contact information, and a collection of her POETRY! One of the many things I like about her is she is multi-talented! Her blog is great because it has a simple yet easy to navigate layout The opening screen of her blog looks like this:Image and an example post…. Image Link! :¬†http://kalliopeamorphous.wordpress.com/

And last but not least…. Sonja Hesslow! The thing i love most about her is that she is very close to my own age, yet she is doing things I can only dream of. She is currently studying in Denmark to become a professional photographer, like me! just not in denmark… Her blog is very easy to navigate, she doesn’t have a lot of works yet, but when you go to view them, sometimes she will show you how she made the final product. i.e other images within the final piece to create her surreal out of the world photographs. When you go onto her blog it looks like this: Image This is the part i love most…when she shows her before images.. Image Her final piece is the image at the top, the collection of images underneath are her ‘before photoshop’ photographs. You hardly see photographers giving away their secrets like this, very helpful.And here is the link! http://www.behance.net/sonjahesslow

Blog post #1 Introduction to my work

Hi, my name is Jessica Riepen, I’m 20 years old and am currently in my last year of a visual arts degree majoring in Photography. Originally I’m from Hawkes Bay, but have moved to the Kapiti Coast to pursue my love of photography and fine art. I tend to stick to photographing within the studio, this gives me an advantage as i’m able to control my environment and create the images I want. My works are never simple, or straight to the point. I prefer my images to lack closure, to make the viewer think about what they are seeing. My process is rather simple, after photographing my models in the studio, getting all the angles and poses I want, I take my images into Photoshop and Lightroom, this is where the real magic happens. Lightroom is a great tool for subtle and minor image manipulations, such as light, shadows, contrast etc. Photoshop is harsher. Photoshop gives me the tools to create an image that can be or is completely different to my original image.

This year instead of working purely with manipulations, I want to use mixed media, like photography and painting. Before finding photography, I thought I would become a painter, so combining the two seemed like a grand idea.
This year we have 2 major assignments, special topic and body of work. For my special topic I will be using the photography and painting. For my body of work I want to use photoshop to create surreal images, well that’s my plan anyway.

I feel my target audience could be aspiring artists, who are not yet sure where they are going, or artists who major in fine art more than anything else. Knowing the field you want to get into, can be a great advantage if you are throwing yourself into the art world.

Here are a couple example images of what I do:

Robot Man

Bird Lady